CanoSOARus - The Fabulous Flying Can Cooler! 

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CanoSOARus is a registered Trademark of Douglas Malewicki and Aero Visions Group, Inc.,  USA Patent #5,397,261

"Waking up in Reno" is a Miramax Comedy with Billy Bob Thornton, Charlize Theron, Patrick Swayze and Natasha Richardson.

Two redneck couples from Arkansas team up to hit the road to see Robosaurus (Doug Malewicki's patented invention) perform at a monster truck show in Reno, Nevada. 
"Waking up in Reno"
Nationwide release: October 25, 2002

 Last update:  August 1, 2002             Check out:    Project C2C

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The C2C Project - a super aerodynamic car that will drive from coast to coast on a single tank of gas.
F-18 Jet Bike  All new - awesome - futuristic.  Fabrication progress photos updated weekly. 

Robosaurus - the 40 foot tall, 58,000 pound, fire breathing,  monster robot!
Evel Knievel's X-1 SkyCycle canyon jumping motorcycle.  Two Steam Rocket books available. 
The RB-2000 Personal ROCKET BELT and some cool new flying machines.  
WHITE LIGHTNING - FIA official record of 245 mph.  The
world's fastest Electric car.  
California Commuter - LA to SF
157 MPG official Guinness World Record gas mileage holder.  
Nuclear War - Doug's Classic Comic Cataclysmic Game of total destruction!  
Bob Correll's
Kitecycle.    CHECK OUT Bob's night time SUPER LEAP! 
Bob Correll's
original JET BIKE.  
152.284 MPH Pedal Bicycle.
Mini Micro Missile.  
The Delta
two man Personal Submarine. 
Air Car - You can FLOAT on air!

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