Monsters, Inc.

 One eyed Mike Wazowski, continued


2001 - Mike Wazowski
Copyright ©2001 Disney/Pixar

1977 - Michelle Malewicki

The "ONE EYED GLORP" was a Halloween costume for my daughter Michelle Marie Malewicki (now Mrs. Barton and a mom) way back in 1977 when she was 6 years old.  Yes, Malewicki is a Polish name!  Here are Michelle's words on the matter:

Hi Dad,
Here it is as best as I remember :-)
Love, Michelle

As a child, Halloween was my favorite holiday. I always looked forward to Halloween more that Christmas. Not because of the candy, but because of dressing up in costumes. My Dad, Doug Malewicki used to make me the most creative, amazing one of kind costumes. Monsters always were our favorite. One monster in particular named The One Eyed Glorp comes to mind. Earlier this month, my Dad emailed me to look for the new Monsters Inc. movie commercial. When I saw it, I was completely speechless. The one eyed star character named Mike Wazowski exactly resembles the Glorp that my Dad invented nearly 25 years ago from a board game. I was so excited the One Eyed Glorp had finally come to life thanks to Walt Disney/Pixar & Billy Crystal - Mike Wazowski ‘s voice).

While in High School I was assigned a creative writing project.  Naturally, I created a story about the One Eyed Glorp. I included a colored sketch that my Dad drew. Needless to say my English teacher Mr. Russ gave me an A+. Mr. Russ was intrigued with the picture of the One Eyed Glorp. A few months later, I was watching a TV show called "Peewee’s Playhouse". I immediately recognized a new character on the show. It was a replica of my Dad’s character the One Eyed Glorp. The only difference was that PeeWee’s monster’s mouth had a slight variation. I stuck a tape in the Beta VCR to show my Dad. He was awestruck at the resemblance.

I later found out that my English teacher had a friend that worked on Pee Wee’s Playhouse show. I put 2 and 2 together and it wasn't a coincidence at all. My One Eyed Glorp Halloween costume is long gone, but pictures can say a thousand words - so check it out and see if you agree! I will definitely check out Monsters, Inc. when it opens this Friday Nov. 2. After all, I have had an affinity for the One Eyed Glorp now called Mike for over 2 decades. It will be a great show - Happy Halloween to all!!

Michelle's words above are part two of the story. 

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