AND NOW for some EXCITING legal stuff!!


If you have any questions about ordering please simply EMail me first to get help at:

Doug's personal comments on using your credit cards for purchases over the Internet!
Don't worry about giving your card to some stranger at a restaurant, or over the telephone to another stranger at a mail order firm, or on a FAX, or on an order form sent through the mail. Only worry about Credit Cards and using them on the INTERNET - even when the maximum amount any credit card holder is liable for is $50 if his/her card number is used fraudulently!
I don't get all the fuss?

Maybe what you should really worry about is that this entire site may just be a conspiracy to obtain your credit card number. Do you believe there is a Doug Malewicki??  We told you in the "Who/What is Doug Malewicki" section that he is an alien from outer space! Is he lying to have some fun OR is he/it an intergalactic crook?

If the Credit card over the Internet thing bothers you that much, you can just print the final form out and send it through the mails with your credit card information. Or, if you prefer not using credit cards, you can send a check (no cash) made out to AeroVisions, Inc. directly to:

AeroVisions, Inc.
PO BOX 1822
Newport Beach, CA 92663

(As mentioned earlier, AeroVisions, Inc. is my engineering company I founded way back in 1974 and which was incorporated in 1980.)

Don't forget, I have to be a tad paranoid too.  Depending how trustworthy the first bunch of customers turn out to be, I may or may not be forced to change my fast response same day shipping to waiting until the credit card numbers have been verified and funds authorized.  And in the case of checks, I may have to wait until each clears.  Either way, for me, it WILL be an interesting education in l21st century humanity!  Onward with more details!


Copyright 1997 - 2005
Douglas J. Malewicki
AeroVisions, Inc.
P. O. Box 1822
Newport Beach, California 92663

An exception may be some of the many photos on this site.  Most I know are my own.  Others, are so old that I don't have a clue where they come from and I'm sure a few probably have to be someone else's copyrighted materials.  If that turns out to be YOU, don't waste your hard earned, after tax money on a lawyer getting a court injunction to make me remove them.   Just EMail me and I will remove it/them instantly.  However, I would prefer to have your permission to use the material and will be more than happy to: 1. attach proper photo/drawing credits; 2. send you a free six-pack of CanoSOARus's; 3. place a link to your EMail address; and 4. if you have one - a link to your Web Site. Thanks!

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