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Douglas J. Malewicki
President/Chief Scientist
AeroVisions, Inc.

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14962 Merced Circle
Irvine, CA 92604

Phone: 949-559-7113
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Doug Malewicki is President and Chief Scientist for AeroVisions Inc., a company he founded in 1974 and incorporated in 1980 for the purpose of developing, promoting and commercializing his numerous inventions.  His current main focus is his super-aerodynamic, lightweight, high speed, low cost SkyTran invention – an on-demand, personalized MagLev transit system.  In the early 80’s he set two official Guinness World records for achieving over 150 miles per gallon fuel efficiency on cross-country runs at freeway speeds driving his CALIFORNIA COMMUTER.  SkyTran will obtain over 200 miles per gallon equivalent while speeding along at 100 miles per hour!

He is the subject of an upcoming documentary “American Innovator” by 3LaunchMedia (formerly titled “The Malewicki Equation” which I guess was too boring!).  Trailer at:  (or DOUGumentary as Doug’s friend professor Don Edberg calls it.)  Doug was also a judge on The Learning Channel’s fun “Junkyard Wars” TV show.

In addition to being a prolific inventor, Mr. Malewicki is a specialist in the areas of: low-cost design innovation; aerodynamics; engineering structural analysis; automation consulting; and vehicle performance analysis.  He has a dozen patents in the fields of  aviation, robots, medical, toy, and transportation.

Mr. Malewicki earned a Masters of Science degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Stanford University.  He has authored numerous technical papers, several books and a cover feature article for Scientific American magazine.  He is a visionary who enjoys creating "impossible" machines.  Check out Doug’s web site to learn about the RB-2000 personal rocket belt; the 248 mph " White Lightning" - official world's fastest electric car; the "F-18 Jet Bike" - an afterburning jet powered dragster motorcycle; and his steam powered X-1 SkyCycle canyon jumping rocket built for Evel Knievel.

Mr. Malewicki is also a skilled craftsman who understands machining, welding, advanced composites manufacturing, plastic injection molding, etc.  He understands what can and can't be built and the economics involved in applying these technologies. 

Doug is also an avid trail runner, backpacker and cyclist.  In November of 2007 at age 68, he completed the Saddleback Mountain Marathon again - rated the toughest Marathon in California with 5,100 feet of ascents.  Photos from the 2006 event at: Saddleback Mountain Marathon.
In 2004, at age 65, he finished two
Ultra 50K Trail Races.  August 2004 was his 4th ascent to the top of Mount Whitney, which at 14,496’ elevation is the highest spot in the 48 contiguous States.  August 2007 was his 25th annual week long backpack trip in the Sierras with his good friend, retired US Marine Major Bob Johnson.  During August 2002 he rode his 5th 540 mile bike ride down beautiful Pacific Coast Highway 1 from San Francisco to Los Angeles.  Doing that ride again in August 2008.

Engineering Design & Analysis Background

BS Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering, U. of Illinois, high honors
MS Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering, Stanford University

 Apollo-Saturn V – man to the moon program, Senior Structural Loads Analyst, North American Aviation
Lunar module/Service module – Structural dynamic response analysis showed that the units docking ring structure had to be strengthened to withstand a possible hard-over thruster engine failure.
Launch Escape Abort System
– Dynamic analysis and software for pyrotechnic event that deployed stabilizing canards.

Cessna Military-Twin Division, Senior Flight Test Engineer
Cessna T310Q
twin turboprop – Complete FAA certification for a payload increase required flight testing to establish take-off, landing, stall, single engine climb and autopilot failure performance.
Cessna Citation Business Jet
- Analysis of performance and flight characteristic derivatives for Cessna’s first business jet. Was 10th person ever to fly in N500CC prototype.

McDonnell-Douglas, Flutter Analyst
DC8-61 Passenger Jet
- Development of Fortran software to establish critical flutter speeds for structural control components.

Northrop Aircraft Company, Senior Technical Specialist, Advanced Composites Manufacturing
B-2 Stealth Bomber – Codeveloped radar adsorbent composite materials coatings and built automated processing plant for applying same. Performed research to form and weld thermoplastic graphite composite parts.

Some of Malewicki's inventions & Technical Projects

Inventor of and holder of two USA Patents for Robosaurus.   Founded Monster Robots, Inc.  Involved in finding all investors and product sponsors. Complete structural design (loads determinations, weights and stress analysis). All vendor sourcing. Developed innovative wearable control system enabling a single pilot to simultaneously control 18 proportional hydraulic motions. Electronic, hydraulic and control system packaging. Functional testing. 

Much of the Robosaurus structural design involved tradeoffs to enable transformation to a legal trailer for hauling the 58,000 pound, fire-breathing,
car crushing electrohydromechanical beast from show to show. Robosaurus meets highway size and weight requirements for all 50 States.  Last NDT (non destructive testing) weld inspection performed at 250,000 miles.
Robosaurus was featured in the 2002. feature movie, "Waking up in Reno", a Miramax Comedy with Billy Bob Thornton, Charlize Theron, Patrick Swayze & Natasha Richardson.  Two red neck couples from Arkansas team up to hit the road to see Robosaurus (Doug Malewicki's patented invention) perform at a monster truck show in Reno, Nevada.  Nationwide release was October 25, See:
Movie Trailer at:

During the fall of 2006, Robosaurus performed 60 Fright Night shows at Universal Studios, Florida. 

In late 2006 Robosaurus was featured in a clever Toyota Tacoma pickup truck TV commercial that ran all football season long.  Toyota TV ad:

After 18 years of operation, the Monster Robots, Inc. team is looking for new thrills and will be auctioning Robosaurus off at the famed Scottsdale, AZ Barrett-Jackson car collector auction in January 2008.  See:


RB 2000 Personal Rocket Belt – 90% strength Hydrogen Peroxide Monopropellant powered.   Catalyst pack design. Internal flow analysis. Nozzle design and sizing to obtain desired thrust levels. Non-linear flight duration analysis.

AeroVisions, Inc. is currently raising $3 million to build a micro turbine powered jet pack that will provide 8 minute flight capability on $30 worth of JP-5, instead of 22 seconds of flying with the rocket belt that consumes $1,200 worth of H2O2 monopropellant per flight.

Doug has been using Newton's Laws of motion to analyze how vehicles of all sorts perform for decades.  He gets very frustrated with politicians who don't want to spend the time to understand simple math and physics concepts.  Wants to grab them by the ear and drag them into a good high school and force them to sit for a semester of math and physics.  He knows that many high school students understand the SkyTran principles and fully grasp the implications for the future of the planet far better than most politicians.  Doug wrote extensively about theoretical performance of Model Rockets back in the late 1960's and early 1970's.  These youngsters were sharp - they got it!  You can read these ancient articles by going to:    

Malewicki gained a lot of insight into assembly line production and the cost benefits of automation while working as Manager of Advanced R&D at L. M. Cox Manufacturing (1970-1975), as Chief Designer at Chad Industries (1978 -1979), as VP of Engineering at Industrial Support Solutions (1993-1995). 

He gained his insight and understanding of low speed aerodynamics and the importance of streamlining through his engineering degree courses; working at the aerospace companies (especially while working as a Senior Flight Test Engineer at Cessna); through his involvement with streamlined human powered vehicles (the IHPVA & the subject of his Scientific American cover feature article December 1983); from the design, building and driving his California Commuter into the Guinness Book of World Records (1980 & 1981) and, of course, his long involvement with model rockets.

Malewicki was inducted in the Game Designer’s Hall of Fame (1998) for his 1965 invention – A comic, cataclysmic card game named Nuclear War that has been licensed to Flying Buffalo, Inc. of Scottsdale, AZ since 1972.  The game and its sequels – Nuclear Escalation (1982); Nuclear Proliferation (1992); Nuclear War Booster packs (1996); and Weapons of Mass Destruction (2004) continue to be the companies top sellers.  Nuclear War was recently sub licensed to eGames, Inc., who plan to release an interactive cell phone version of the game.


During 2003 & 2004 Doug had a DARPA contract to invent better morphing wing UAV aircraft (Unclassified).  2,000 pound UAV's like the Predator - but doing a lot more than simple retractable flaps and leading edge slats to enable them to loiter efficiently doing surveillance over a location for 10 hours.   The principle idea was that after sensing & confirming the bad guys (while loitering efficiently) to then instantly drastically change aerodynamic configuration at will and then dash down at Mach 0.9 while pulling 4 to 5 g maneuvers.  This would save calling in the F-16 jocks and waiting 20 minutes for them to arrive.  He was the plenary speaker for the July 2003 Morphing Aircraft Structures Conference in San Diego.


Other diversified project involvements
(These are discussed on Doug’s invention website:

    The Delta two man Submarine rated to 1,200 ft depths.

    The 152.2 MPH world record pedal bicycle.

    The X-1 SkyCycle – steam powered rocket designed for Evel Knievel’s canyon jump attempt.

    The patented KiteCycle - world record distance jumping motorcycle.

    The JetBike – turbine thrust powered dragster motorcycle.

    The White Lightning – World record Bonneville Salt Flats electric car. 245.524 MPH two way average (1999).

Noteworthy Publications

          Scientific American cover feature The Aerodynamics of Human Powered Land Vehicles (Dec. 1983).

    IEEE Predictive paper. Goodnight March 31, 2052   (April 1999).

    IHPVA (International Human Powered Vehicle Association) papers

    MIT’s Model Rocketry magazine – technical editor doing monthly articles.

    Rocket Powered Racing Vehicles using Hydrogen Peroxide of 90 Percent strength (1974)

    SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Future Transportation Conference: People Pods - Miniature Magnetic Levitation Vehicles for Personal Non-Stop Transportation (June 1991). 

Recent Engineering consulting

    Curtiss-Wright Integrated Sensing since 1998.

    Metcoe – J. Paul Getty museum mechanicals.

    Southern California Edison – Future energy systems lecturer. 

    Miami Divers West – supertanker/container ship underwater hull cleaning machines.

    Hamilton Materials – tank level and density sensing systems.

    Ducommon AeroStructures - Eclipse 500 VLJ turbine jet - skins handling.


Doug and Karen Malewicki have been living in Irvine, CA since 1977 (30 years).  Karen is a retired elementary school teacher.  Doug’s daughter Michelle is a top ultra runner.  Ultras are trail races in the mountains at distances greater than the standard 26.2 mile long marathon,  Michelle has set 11 female ultra records in 2007 – 4 in one month.  November 2006 she won a 100-mile ultra race in AZ  A list of all her current records and a bit about her super hero game character at:  Doug has one grand daughter Sierra, age 7, who loves backpacking in the Sierras and running.  Doug’s stepdaughter, Kim, lives in New Zealand with her husband Steve, where they both work in marketing.


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