Outline of basic skills and expertise

Just like everybody else - I am occasionally willing to take on a couple of new and interesting work projects.  At this point of my life, I can pretty much choose between challenging projects for reputable companies.  I try to avoid dealing with flakes.  Again, I am mostly useful when someone needs some bizarre creativity/off the wall new directions that yield practical results - that hopefully results in saving them tons of money! 
I am not the least bit interested in stealing anyone else's invention/idea so am more than happy to sign non-disclosure/secrecy agreements.  However, if their lawyers have created documents that require continual or occasionally paperwork trail efforts for me, I do tell the clients up front that I will be billing them at their lawyers hourly rate plus $1.00 per hour for all of my time spent on such paperwork crap.
(As mentioned in the title block I am also available for speaking engagements on creativity, inventions, technical innovation and probable futures.  Minimum $500 plus all travel expenses.)

The following blurb is about the technical things I am good at and what I enjoy doing.

Douglas J. Malewicki
President/Chief Scientist of AeroVisions, Inc.
Founded AeroVisions in 1974 (Incorporated in 1980)


Specialist in the design and management of all phases involved in creating innovative, electrohydromechanical robotic machines and high efficiency gasoline and hybrid automobiles.  Versatile experience in advanced composites manufacturing, chemical milling, energy conservation, pollution control, plastics, plastic molded product design, low cost-high volume mass production, automation machine design, performance analysis, low speed aerodynamics, structural analysis, scientific computer computer programming, aircraft flight test operations, rocket vehicles, and rocket propulsion.

EDUCATION: Master of Science Degree, Stanford University,
Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering.
Bachelor of Science Degree, University of Illinois.
Aerospace Engineering, High Honors.
MEMBER: AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics) - Senior Member
         1985/1986 AIAA Distinguished Lecturer,   
         1986/1987 AIAA Council - Orange County Section
TAU BETA PI (National Engineering Honor Society)
MENSA (Top 2% IQ Society)
IHPVA (International Human Powered Vehicle Association)
ATRA (Advanced Transportation Association)
Licensed Pilot
LISTED IN: Guinness Book of World Records.
Gasoline fuel consumption World Record. Los Angeles to San Francisco, 157.192 miles per gallon at 55 miles per hour (less than 3 gallons of gas to cover 450 miles).
Diesel World Record. Los Angeles to Las Vegas, 156.53 miles per gallon at an average speed of 56.3 miles per hour (this route involved total ascents of 7,993 feet).
Who’s Who in Technology.
Who’s Who in the West.
Who’s Who in Aviation and Aerospace.
Lifetime Engineering Achievement Award, Alternative Vehicle Forum, 1994.
PATENTS: Holds US patents in the fields of aviation, toys, medicine, mass transportation and robotics.
PUBLICATIONS: Three books.  Numerous technical papers and articles.  Samples:

Robosaurus Lives!, INTERNATIONAL FLUID POWER ASSOCIATION CONFERENCE, Chicago, Illinois, March 1992. (It is all here on this site.)

Miniature MagLev Vehicles for Non-Stop Transportation, SOCIETY OF AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERS - FUTURE TRANSPORTATION TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE, Portland, Oregon, August 1991.

The Aerodynamics of Human-Powered Land Vehicles, SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, December 1983 Cover Feature (with Albert Gross and Dr. Chester Kyle).

I do not pretend to know ZIP about electronics.  Same with the actual details of automation sensors and machine control ladder logic programming.   Same for the details of hydraulic schematics and which is the best type of proportional valve for a certain task.  Same for minutiae of low speed aerodynamics.  
I am a generalist who knows a lot about many technical subjects and understands what can and can't be done and for what costs. However, I am not super capable with specific details.  Over the years I have had to develop a trusted resource team of outside sources to take care of me AND whom enjoy working with me on whatever new bizarre and entertaining projects come along (as long as they are getting properly paid). 
I also am a technical optimist with confidence that comes with years of experience.  I am quite comfortable and enjoy tearing into solving problems in technical fields I have no real initial expertise.  It's fun learning all the time and I guess it's the cost effective way for the companies I work for to get radical new (hopefully good) ideas.

MMM!  Should mention a few of the other recent projects I have been working on to illustrate the point.

1) Unlimited fuel dragster composite clutch testing system.  Basically, a flywheel system capable of delivering 8,000 Horsepower for a few seconds to test new exotic clutch materials.
2) Oil recovery system.  Basically, a slender tubular bucket that is lowered automatically down several thousand feet into spent oil wells to slowly and very cheaply recover the large amount of residual oil that is far too expensive to bring to the surface using standard 60 HP pumping systems.  This unit also has electronic intelligence to separate water from the useable oil (obviously, that clever part was done by one of my electronic wizards - not me).
3) Miracle Motion Baby Bassinet (Now that one is bizarre!)  Basically, a cost reduction redesign effort to get the retail price more affordable.  The original product was licensed from an Australian fellow's patent.
4) A hydraulic forming press that takes round discs of various thicknesses and forms them to a precision conical angle.  The operator uses a simple direct digital input control arrangement instead of iterative screw and locking jamnut adjustments.
5) All the cool stuff for the giant geodesic dome company that I can't tell you about.  Darn!

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