(DISCLAIMER: The AIR CAR is NOT one of Doug Malewicki's inventions. His good friend, Dave Ross a professional photographer and non-professional tinkerer, is the inventor/builder/original test pilot, etc. of the AIR CAR. It's strange, but just about every technical person Doug ever meets, mentions that they remember seeing Dave's AIR CAR Plans in Boy's Life advertisements from when they were a kid! They should - the AIR CAR Plans have been appearing in Boy's Life since 1974 and are still as popular as ever!

Doug put Dave's AIR CAR information on his Web Site of WACKY, WEIRD INVENTIONS because Doug owes Dave about $2 zillion for all the great professional photo's Dave has taken of Doug's projects over the years - from the late 1960's Model Rockets and Evel Knievel's X-1 Skycycle to the 1990's Robosaurus and CanoSOARus! In fact, many of the great color shots on this site were taken by Dave and dug up from ancient archives. So many that IF I had to attach proper Photo Credits to each of Dave's shots, the site would be another month late! Dave has given me permission to rush things out as is and insert those credits later. Back to AIR CAR information......)


These AIR CAR Plans are for an exciting project that duplicates in miniature, the same principals of "air cushion" used to float the "Transportation Vehicles of the Future" - Air Cushion Vehicles.

The AIR CAR Plans are patterned after a device used by NASA to help train astronauts for movement in frictionless space. Over 50,000 satisfied customers have ordered a set of these plans and many have received high grades for their AIR CAR project in school science classes or have received awards in school science fairs.

The first AIR CAR built was used in a live television demonstration over KNBC-TV in Los Angeles, California. The AIR CAR was propelled over 100 feet through the television studio. The same AIR CAR was used at a national convention of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) to demonstrate the use of low cost scientific training aids in education.

This project is inexpensive and easy to build using our simple, easy to follow instructions. We give you a complete list of parts that you can obtain in your neighbor hood. The plans have easy to understand drawings that show you how to put the parts together.

A finished AIR CAR can be built for as little as $30 including the cost of a used vacuum cleaner motor. We tell you how to get a useable vacuum cleaner motor for as little as one dollar! You will actually get four AIR CAR Plans for the price of one and you can take your pick of which one you want to build.

Plan #1 - The AIR CAR as pictured.
Plan #2 - A three pod AIR CAR similar to plan #1.
Plan #3 - A "Flying Saucer" shaped AIR CAR.
Plan #4 - A powerful, two engine AIR CAR capable of floating a 200 pound adult

Get a couple of friends to chip in together to buy the plans and to help build an amazing AIR CAR. This is a perfect group project for a school science class, a Cub Scout Den, a Boys Club or school shop class.

This is also a GREAT father and son project to make for a school science class requirement or to enter into a school Science Fair. Many of our customers have won first place awards in Science Fairs with their AIR CAR!

Order TODAY!   The fun begins the day you receive the plans!


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