Grand Canyon Hike
April 23 - 25, 1999

Here are two more shots of Michelle, now age 28, from our recent back pack trip down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon in Arizona (1 day down 4,800 feet and 2 days to get back up).  Six of us did the hike: Michelle, Rory Barton, Bob Johnson, Jim and May Ann Gaebe and myself.

S M Grand Canyon.JPG (28126 bytes)

Michelle Malewicki at a scenic point about half way down on the first day.

S CG Panorama MD.JPG (39263 bytes)

Michelle and I. A few hours earlier we were looking DOWN at all these rocks!  It took several more hours to get all the way to the Colorado River at the bottom.  You barely can see it in this photo (all the way to the left and in the exact center of picture).  Our campsite at the bottom was right next to a tree lined stream that fed into the main Colorado River.  It was a 10 minute walk to the famous Phantom Ranch (where you couldn't buy a cold pop, but could buy cold beer or wine!). 

Many people ride mules down and stay at the Phantom Ranch.  Lots of mules.  Next time we plan to take a petition demanding "diapers for the mules" and ask people on the trail to sign it!  Should get a lot of laughs!

Most interesting part of the entire trip was the wedding party of at least 30 people heading out to Plateau Point (a spectacular way, way down overlook - with a railing to hang on to) just as we arrived at Indian Gardens camp site (half way up).  Bride in white flowing dress, flower wreath in her hair and HIKING BOOTS and groom and dad in Tuxedos and HIKING BOOTS.  The entire group spent the previous night at the Indian Gardens camp site.  The couple were both geologists and he proposed to her at this same place a year earlier.  Very appropriate!   At about 3:30 PM that day (and after Bob Johnson and I got our kisses from the bride) the entire party packed it all up and started trudging up to the top for the reception party that night. Whew!

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