The X-1 Skycycle

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My friend Juan Manual Lozano from Mexico.

Juan is into Steam Rockets, motorcycles, airplanes, hang gliders, racing boats, etc.  He has to be Mexico's most prolific innovator & builder!  His web site shows all the "toys" he has built, raced and flown over the years!

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Juan - inspecting the Steam Rocket nozzle he machined and welded

Oh! Oh!  What is Juan thinking now? 

You can also obtain great Evel Knievel memorabilia at 

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Complete Life Story of Evel Knievel at Wikipedia
The best website on Rocket belts:  This was put together and run by Peter Gijberts in the Netherlands.  Complete history and current rocket belt activities Ky Michaelson of Bloomington, Minnesota is THE ROCKETMAN!

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Leading the World in Steam-powered Rocketry.
3 - 2 - 1 Poof(ter)!

Bradshaw & Jones are very funny, quite mad, typical English gents (& probably personal friends with Austin Powers - "groovy" International Man of Mystery)! 

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