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Dear dougmalewicki,


How much for the stripe pants? Now, those will look real good running up Holy Jim.


- up_daddy
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Apparently CHAZ is trying to make fun of my 1970's striped bell bottoms!
My response follows...

The striped, bell bottom pants you are admiring are on there way free to you.  Merry Christmas.  Do you want the rest of the stylish outfit?  Shown here...
Should I put in on EBay?

(This was a sadistic "gift" last year from my crazy buddy in Niagara Falls, New York - Bill Suitor - the famous Rocket Belt pilot who was flying the Bell Aerospace belt since he was 19.  Bill is now 63.  Among other cool flights, Bill did the opening ceremonies for the 84 Olympics in LA and for the James Bond Movie Thunderball.


Stand-in pilot for James Bond (Sean Connery) was Bill Suitor at age 20.  Filmed on March 13th, 1965.

Who is this CHAZ guy anyway?
CHAZ Nickell is a fellow trial runner and author of

CHAZ is also the writer that named my ultra running champ daughter Michelle as the "iMichelle" - a supposed robotic ultra running prototype that escaped from the Apple factory!  Chaz's article appeared right after her overall win and course record at the Twin Peaks 50K on February 4th.  I have become iDad and her daughter is constantly referred to as iSierra.  7 year old iSierra ran the 2007 Dana Point Turkey Trot in 28:55, which is a 9:30 minute per mile pace!  Michelle set 12 course records in 2007.  One 50 mile trail race; nine 50K (31 mile) trail races, the inaugural Gore-Tex Trans-Rockies 5 day stage race and the inaugural Catalina Island ECO marathon (26.2 mile) trial race on November 17th.  October 2006 she was 1st female & 4th overall in a 100 mile trail race in Arizona.  See:

Chaz mentions "Holy Jim".  What is that?  It is part of our Saddleback Mountain Marathon route.  A long evil climb of 2,350 feet about half way through the race.  Starts at 1,705' elevation and ends up at 4,056 feet elevation!  If you have Google Earth installed you can actually view an animated flyby of the entire course by going to the trail race website page for the Marathon at:
After looking at that URL you will understand why this Marathon is called the toughest in California!

AND nobody older than me beat me - again! 
Doug Malewicki

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