These items were sold on eBay on December 16, 2007 by Doug Malewicki, the inventor/engineer of the SkyCycle X-1, who worked with Evel Knievel, the internationally renowned daredevil and famed LAST GLADIATOR from 1968 through 1973.


This issue of ROLLING STONE (80 pages total) has a huge 19 page article covering the events just prior to and after Evel's Snake River Canyon jump in great detail.  It is almost a full length novel!  I have seen several auctions of this same issue of the November 7, 1974 Rolling Stones.  As you can see mine is in pretty nice shape, but has the addition of a personal autograph by the author, Rolling Stones Senior Editor at the time, Joe Eszterhas.  Joe was kind enough to mail me this autographed copy gratis.

Like every celebrity, Joe has a website of his accomplishments over the years,.  I have taken the liberty to paste his intro in here.  From: www.joeeszterhas.com/

Joe Eszterhas has written fifteen films which have made more than a billion dollars at the box office. Among them are Basic Instinct, Jagged Edge, Flashdance, Showgirls, Betrayed, Music Box and F.I.S.T. He is the author of the recent New York Times bestsellers American Rhapsody and Hollywood Animal. In 1975, his second book, Charlie Simpsonís Apocalypse, was nominated for the National Book Award. He was a senior editor at Rolling Stone from 1971 to 1975. He lives with his wife, Naomi, and their four sons in Bainbridge Township, Ohio.

(Gee, until I Googled his name, found his website and read his intro, I did not know that Joe wrote Flashdance.  One of my all time favorite movies.  I don't even play the piano, but mastered the basic fingering and rhythms of MANIAC.  The only song in my life I ever did that for!  I did play classic guitar for years.  I need more time for such melodic relaxation.)

No this newspaper does NOT have Evel's autograph.  When you read it you will understand why.

I wanted to make this eBay auction special, so have decided to include all the newspaper articles on Evel that I possessed into one auction.  They are all a little yellowed after 30 plus years.  Some of the edges are a bit ratty too.

National Star
September 7, 1974
48 pages total
Evel on cover plus 4 pages inside




National Tattler
Summer 1974 Special Edition
20 pages total
100% on Evel Knievel




Los Angeles Herald-Examiner

September 5, 1974
12 pages total (the Sports section)
Evel article on C-1 cover page

Included newspapers:

1. November 28, 1968 - Competition Press - "Evel in Hospital" (1 page saved only)

2. June 15, 1968 - Competition Press - "Evel, Understudy in Arizona Cycle Mishaps" (24 pages total, page 6 article)

3. October 17, 1968 - Cycle News - "Evel's New Plan" (24 pages total, page10 article)

4. May 16, 1972 - Cycle News - "Twin Falls, ID SkyCycle X-1 unveiling" (52 pages total, article on page 29)

5. June 12, 1972 - Motor Cycle Weekly - " Evel's Rocket Ship!" (28 pages total, article on page 19)

6. July 3, 1972 - The Daily Journal - "Evel to Jump Canyon" (1 page saved)

7. July 4, 1972 - Daily Ledger-Gazette, Lancaster, California - "Evel at it again"  (1 page saved)

8. July 12, 1972 - The Austin Statesman (Texas) - "Canyon leap Next for Evel" (One page clipping)

9. November 20, 1973 - Cycle News - "Evel tests Canyon SkyCycle: Disaster!"  (48 pages total. Test photos on page 5)

10. July 27, 1974 - National Star - "Evel Knievel starts the great countdown" (8 pages saved, Cover & page 3 on Evel)

11. August 14, 1974 - St. Louis Post-Dispatch - "Competing with Death"  (One page clipping, First page 100% Evel)

12. Summer 1974 - National Tattler -  Special Edition - "Evel Defies Death" (20 pages total 100% on Evel Knievel)

13, November 7, 1974 - Rolling Stones - "King of the Goons" (80 pages total, Evel on cover plus 19 page article)

14. August 26, 1974 - ?  Home Edition, "Evel's SkyCycle Cracks Up" Clipped article only

15. September 5, 1974 - Los Angeles Herald-Examiner Sports - "Evel's Jump a Ripoff?" (12 pages total, Evel on cover page)

16. September 7, 1974 - National Star - "Is Evel hero or Phony?" (48 pages total, Evel on cover plus 4 pages inside)

17. September 9, 1974 - Los Angeles Herald-Examiner - "Evel stubs feat on Canyon Wall" (14 pages total, Evel on 2 pages)

18. September 9, 1974 - Los Angeles Herald-Examiner - "Evel's Canyon Spit Aborted" (One page only)

19. September 19, 1974 - Los Angeles Herald-Examiner Sports - "26-Mile Jump?" (An extra page G-2)

20. January 23, 1975 - California Business - The Big Jump - how much Evel really got." (32 pages total, cover & 2 pages)

21. August 29, 1999 - The Times News - "In Evel's Shadow" (8 pages total, front page plus 3)

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