Evel Knievel SkyCycle X-1

Doug Malewicki, the inventor/engineer of the SkyCycle X-1, worked with Evel Knievel,
the internationally renowned daredevil and famed LAST GLADIATOR from 1968 through 1973.

Here is a photo of the LETTER, which I have purposely cluttered digitally.

TEXT of this letter:

Dear Doug:

        Enclosed is a check to cover
some of your expenses per your statement
sent to my attn: several weeks ago.

        If you want to get in touch with
me in the next few days I will be
at St. Joseph Hosp. in Burbank, Calif.
I'm having an operation on my hip.

                            See you

 I chose to show this letter because it is absolutely CLASSIC Evel Knievel!  In the hospital again and always somewhat late in payments.  I wonder what this may be worth to Evel's fans.  We'll let EBay decide - once I dig through my collection and find the original.  So far all I found was the 35mm color slide that I made the print shown above from.

I have to also point out that the first time I actually met with Evel he was in a hospital after crashing while practicing for a jump at Beeline drag way in Phoenix, Arizona.  We had several telephone discussions prior to that first meeting.  Wouldn't you know it - a gorgeous blonde go-go show girl was sitting at his bed side when I arrived.  More CLASSIC Knievel.  He promptly shooed her out so we could talk.  Little did I know what an interesting adventure this first meeting would lead to for the young nerdy rocket engineer - me!

The letter is authentic, which can be confirmed by any of the companies that verify celebrity writing and signatures. 

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