The X-1 Skycycle Vehicle

The Evel Knievel X-1 Skycycle vehicle was fabricated by Don Edmunds Auto research in Anaheim, California.
(The following pictures are thumbnails that you can click on to see a larger version.  Photos by David Ross.)

Contoured custom fit cockpit for Evel.

Right rear view of the X-1.

Left rear view of the X-1.

Evel and Doug by the X-1 in progress.

Fun time. Evel pretending to be bailing out

Alternate bail out procedure?

Evel was always nice to young visitors.  L-R Eric Ross, ?, ?, Neil Ross, Evel and Michael Whitaker.

View of the split exhausts.

Evel & Doug

The X-1 after basic paint scheme was applied.

Bill Sprow & Facundo Campoy - both of Truax Engineering with Doug Malewicki and painter Jack O'Brien

The various removable panels.

This is the fully lettered and decorated  X-1 Skycycle. I had my name on top as the designer. Note the Olympia beer logo!


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