The Nuclear War Card Game Team

Rick Loomis founded the Play-by-Mail industry and his people have created many unique role playing adventure games. Rick also was a charter member of GAMA (GAme Manufacturers Association) and was its first president in 1979. Flying Buffalo, Inc. has an extensive great Website for all their products at The direct link to the Nuclear War Game pages and the expansion set products is FBI Nuclear War

Rick Loomis, President of Flying Buffalo, Inc. keeping his favorite Mountain Dew cold with a CanoSOARus flying can cooler
Free Lance Artist Supreme, Steve Crompton - Opus Graphics (left) and Rick Loomis showing off Rick's official FBI vanity license plate (FBI is not Federal Bureau of Investigation - it's Flying Buffalo, Inc.)


Malewicki (left) and Crompton

Visiting at Steve's Demi booth, San Diego ComicCon, April 1997. Steve/Opus Graphics did all the original artwork for this Web Site, including the great home page MORPH of the Alien Creature into Homer Simpson(?) (thanks loads ASTGD!). In the past, Steve has also done all kind of Engineering Proposal art for Doug.

Try Steve's Web Site and from there you can go to Demi the Demoness, Steve's popular comic book creation whom has her own Web site and resin statue kit, too.

Steve put himself into the
Nuclear Escalation
His self portrait is one
of the Spies!

The Super Virus creature
is one of Steve's many
ANSWER: In keeping with Supergerm being a cartoon caricature of the Apollo Command Module in the original 1965 game, we decided that the new Super Virus should be based on a top view of the Space Shuttle Orbiter!
My original sketches to Steve and Rick had a much more reptilian look - lots of scales to represent the Shuttle's tiles.  I was disappointed when I first saw the above Super Virus and conveyed that to Rick and Steve.  Steve was really disappointed because I hadn't EVEN realized Steve made Super Virus into a Space Shuttle caricature of ME!  Duh!  He got his way - I will be humiliated as a Space Shuttle cartoon forever!

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