Awards Won by Nuclear War, Escalation and Proliferation

Nuclear War was selected by the editors of GAME MAGAZINE as one of the TOP 100 games of the year in 1980. We received this award again in 1981!

"The quintessential 'beer-and-pretzels' game: simple, fast ,easy to learn, and loads of fun. Minimal preptime: shuffle the decks and deal." - Tim Kask, Adventure Gaming Magazine. (Rick Loomis explained to me that 'beer-and-pretzels' games were what was played for relaxation and fun at 2 AM after all the serious Dungeons and Dragons role playing was finished and the pizza arrived!)

Nuclear Escalation was selected by the editors of GAME MAGAZINE as one of the TOP 100 games of the year in 1984.

The Charles Roberts award for "Best new
Science Fiction game of 1983"
- awarded
at ORIGINS' 84 (This is the result of votes
cast by mail from gamers from all over
the country - 6,000 to 8,000 typically
attend the Origins Convention. In 1989,
Rick Loomis was inducted into the
ORIGINS Hall of Fame)

"Best Fantasy or Science Fiction Boardgame of 1992" - awarded at ORIGINS' 92 (Huh! Nuclear Proliferation is a card game - not a board game??? Quick - take the award anyway!)

The game people actually have official trading cards for "Famous Game Designers"! Even though I only designed one game in my entire life I somehow qualified for this wonderful recognition! The question is will it ever be worth as much as an original Ted Williams Baseball Card OR will people just use it to conveniently scoop up dead sowbugs and cockroaches off the kitchen floor? Only time will tell!

In 1984, Rick Loomis, President of Flying Buffalo, Inc. started running an annual "THE DAY BEFORE" International Nuclear War tournament using the electronic mail services. It was always started on the Friday just prior to April 15th - when taxes were due (that lovely time of the year when getting blasted into oblivion was perhaps a better choice than trying to figure out IRS forms).
With participation by players from all points of the globe, the tournament usually didn't finish until late Sunday. One year the game didn't finish till the following Thursday!
What is most interesting was that the first two years Rick ran "THE DAY BEFORE" tournament - everybody LOST! There were no winners - just losers! That's when the media decided this was a game about peace - not war. Well, well, well!
The plaque to the left is the coveted "Supergerm" Trophy, which the tournament winner (if there is one) gets temporary custody for the year.


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