The California Commuter
156.53 MPG diesel record

Predecessor of the C2C -  Coast 2 Coast on a single tank of gas!

The 156.53 MPG at 56.3 MPH diesel record was set from Anaheim, California to Las Vegas, Nevada where the machine was featured at the SEMA Show (Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association).  This time Guinness people were on hand to document the run, so with their help we also obtained accurate average speed data.  Note that MPG efficiency is normally better for diesels (compared to gasoline engines) - except driving to Las Vegas involves climbing two long mountain passes for a total of 7,993 feet of elevation gains!  Just 1.68 gallons of diesel to travel 263.4 miles!

Cruising alongside another one of those monster vehicles!

November 30, 1981

Approaching Las Vegas, Nevada.

Final destination - the Las Vegas Convention Center and the SEMA show.

Just 1.68 gallons of diesel to travel 263.4 miles!

We made it into the official Guinness Book of World Records AND it was fun!
Wow!  We even got featured on the inside frontispiece of that years book!

Plans are available for the California Commuter