The California Commuter
157.192 MPG gasoline record

Predecessor of the C2C -  Coast 2 Coast on a single tank of gas!

Inventor, Doug Malewicki, set two Official Guinness World Records for high mileage efficiency with his lightweight, streamlined California Commuter.  Both Mile Per Gallon records were set in real world conditions while Doug drove at the legal speed limit on freeways. The first record was for gasoline power and the second was for diesel power.

The 157.192 MPG at 55 MPH gasoline record was set from Los Angeles to San Francisco where the machine was featured at the San Francisco International Auto Show.  Just 2.87 gallons to travel 451.3 miles! (Note that a 20 MPG vehicle would use a little over 22 gallons to drive the same distance!)

November 20, 1980

Driver Doug Malewicki driving next to one of those "big" cars!

In traffic. 
Only 2.87 gallons to travel 451.3 miles
The sleek machine!

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