Tacoma Dome SFX Thrill Show
MONSTER JAM (page 1)

Friday to Sunday - January 17 to 19, 2003
Tacoma, Washington

All photos copyright ©2003 John Graham

John, age 36, is a Submarine Communications Specialist for the Navy.  He took these pictures at the Saturday afternoon Tacoma show which he attended with his 8 year old son, John-Brendon.  John said his son wanted to see the show because he loves anything “Loud destructive or inherently violent”! 
Click on any thumbnail below to see a larger version.  To obtain an even higher resolution copy of any of John's digital pictures of Robosaurus in action at the Tacoma Dome Monster Jam Email John directly at:

The glow and reflections on Robosaurus's teeth and head make this one of the most eerie shots we have ever seen.
Great head on view of the fire starting to come out of Robosaurus's nostrils.
The full 20 feet of flame!
Robo starts stalking some prey.
Robo picks up a car.
Robo crushes the hood and roof with his hands and then spins around slowly to show the car to the audience.
Robo breathes huge volumes of fire while he spins around slowly to show the partially mangled car to the spectators. 

Robosaurus's 40 foot height stands out way above the Monster Jam crowd. 

Time to bite the roof off!
Robosaurus gets the car up to his mouth.
Chomp!  Chomp!
Burn!  Burn!
Robo's fire acts as an acetylene torch to cut right through the body.
Robo rips the car apart!

Thank you John Graham for a super photo that is destined to become a Robosaurus action classic!

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