Vandenberg Air Force Base AIR SHOW, Page1
Saturday - November 2, 2002
All photos copyright 2002 Douglas J. Malewicki

Minuteman Missile on display at entrance to Vandenberg Air Force Base near Lompoc, California.
President of Monster Robots, Inc. and Robosaurus pilot, Mark Hays standing on the shiny new tractor that pulls Robosaurus from show to show. Note Robo's tail in the background.
Signage with Robosaurus logo on the side of the truck.
Mark shows off the purple flame paint job on the new tractor.
Mark is shying away from Robo crew chief, Angelo Sessa's very dirty hand!
Mark Hays and Angelo Sessa.  Everyone loves the fact that Robo can wiggle his ears.  Next year we may also have a wiggling tail.  Currently the five spikes sticking out of the tail are translucent with internal flashing lights.
John and Linda Clares from San Diego, with Robo in the background.  John assists Angelo and Mike during the Robo show.
John and Linda Clares.
Robosaurus way off in the distance.  It is huge!  Doug's wife Karen in the foreground.
Robosaurus's 40 foot height stands out way above the air show crowd. 
Robosaurus's inventor, designer and structural engineer, Doug Malewicki with his wife Karen.
Doug behind the twin afterburning jet engines of an F-15.
Doug near the giant inflatable soldier at the US Marine's recruiting area.
Rambo Doug.  This is one of many real weapon that the Marines were letting the public hold and pose with for pictures.
Karen next to a cute electric wheel driven F-16 model that the Air Force recruiters drive all over the show grounds.
Getting near 3 PM!
Mark Hays looking towards the flight line. 
The Robosaurus show is the grand finale to today's air show.  Robo will be following the Stealth Fighter flyby.

Mark is standing next to a mockup of a Russian rocket that will end up as Robo's first victim!

Stealth F-117 warms up on the flight line near the parked Robosaurus.  Our turn is next.  Time to get ready.

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